Wednesday, May 14, 2008

APO ebooks on Green Productivity

Greening on the Go: A Pocket Guide to Green Productivity

©APO ISBN: 92-833-70457

Based on the original Train the Trainer Manual for Green Productivity. Lynn Johannson of Canada was commissioned by the APO to produce this pocket guide as a user friendly tool.

Click here to download whole book. (8Mb)

APO Handbook on Green Productivity

©APO, 2nd Printing, ISBN: 92-833-7046-5

The content for this handbook originated in the Asian Productivity Organization's (APO) Training Manual on Green Productivity as the Manual for 5-Day Training Program.

The APO developed Green Productivity (GP) as a strategy to leverage the power of productivity in order to improve the quality of our environment. GP can foster the creative exchange between people to:

  • achieve a better quality of life for all,
  • support social justice and fairness for citizenry, and
  • enhance prosperity for their enterprises.

Click here to download the whole book. (7.6Mb)