Sunday, March 2, 2008

"Klima 2008/Climate 2008": internet-based climate research conference launched

Welcome to Climate 2008 / Klima 2008

Europe's C02-friendly Scientific Climate Conference

3-7 November 2008 online

Call for papers:

Individual researchers and research teams (scientists, decision-makers, enterprises, NGOs, individuals and schools) are invited to submit papers for the online-conference until 30 March 2008.

Register for free to take part in this major online event from 3-7 November 2008.

The Research and Transfer Centre "Applications of Life Sciences" of the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences in Germany has launched the research conference "Klima 2008 /Climate 2008". This a unique climate conference in the sense that it will be an internet-based event. This means an event with the highest scientific quality and the highest standards, but with no unnecessary CO2 emissions and pressure on the world´s climate.

The event will be held on-line on 3.-7. November 2008 and around 1,5 million visitors worldwide are expected. The aim of the event is to offer a platform for relevant information sharing on matters related to climate change, while engaging a large number of university-based researchers, environmental experts, strategists, specialists and the general public.

In addition, "Klima 2008 /Climate 2008" will actively engage young people and the participation of thousands of schoolchildren from the five continents, to the event is expected. We hope the conference will not only be informative and that it will raise awareness about climate issues, but also that it will provide a basis for strategic and innovative solutions for managing climate change and its impacts worldwide, especially in developing countries where resources to adapt to or the technical and knowledge resources to mitigate the problems caused by climate change are
perceived as being limited.

Papers are now being reviewed for the conference. The URL of the event where further details are available is: