Monday, June 11, 2007

Just Bin It!

Singapore - Creative Digital Photography Competition

"A clean city is a strong reflection of our moral and civic values. But clean cities do not just come by chance. They require much responsibility and dedication to maintain".


1st Prize

Title: Be A Sport, Just Bin It

Caption: It takes a team effort to keep Singapore litter-free. Be a sport, Just Bin It!

Photographer: Benjamin Ng Chia Liang (SXXX4016A)

2nd Prize

Title: Lazy Is OK!

Caption: It doesn’t really matter HOW you do… Just make sure you BIN it.

Photographer: Selena Soh Ting En (SXXX0121B)

3rd Prize

Title: Throw Litter To Where It Belongs

Caption: Never look back on your decision to keep the environment litter-free.

Photographer: How Gui Lin (SXXX3481A)

Merit Prize

Title: Don't Trash My Home

Caption: Trash not only makes the environment ugly, but also destroys the habitat of living things.

Photographer: Joel Liang Yao Jie (SXXX2593F)

Merit Prize

Title: New System of Disposing Litter

Caption: The pupils in the picture demonstrated they took ownership of their litter and what impressed me is the orderly manner they did it – by queuing up, pupils practically reduced the possibility of dropping their litter out of the dustbin to zero.

Photographer: Kong Ze Qing (SXXX4773Z)

Merit Prize

Title: Unnatural

Caption: Trash destroys the natural beauty of our plants and breeds mosquitoes.

Photographer: Vera Li Min (SXXX7737B)


1st Prize

Title: Goal!

Caption: Civic responsibility meets World Cup fever...

Photographer: Rajiv Ravi (SXXX3584B)

2nd Prize

Title: Just Bin It

Caption: --

Photographer: Bernard Poh Lye Kiat (SXXX7071E)

3rd Prize

Title: Lord Of The Bins - The Litter-Free Singapore

Caption: The photo is like a movie poster from “Lord of the Ring”. It shows that the canned drink’s tab, though small in significance but ‘big’ in destruction. The many types of dustbins to the rescue, like the heros of the movie.

Photographer: Art Lim Kiat Guan (SXXX1093E)

Merit Prize

Title: Differentiating The Right Thing To The Right Bin

Caption: To show different bin to collect different kind of rubbish.

Photographer: Seah Bee Jan (SXXX9096H)

Merit Prize

Title: Just Bin It

Caption: Be responsible for your own litter and keep our environment clean.

Photographer: Vincent Ng Wei Chean (SXXX1262A)

Merit Prize

Title: Throw Paper In The Bin

Caption: The children can help throw the paper in the bin can keep the environment clean.

Photographer: Gina Ng Ching Poh (SXXX5431D)